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Peeping toms usually refer to perverted dudes who love to peek at girls in public showers and locker rooms, or those who sneak in spy cameras for the simple enjoyment of watching unsuspecting victims changing and stripping naked. But in the case of Shower Spy Cameras, the culprit is a chick! You read that right, the person behind this premium porn site might as well be the most perverted girl you’ll ever know and her name’s Laura! Laura, as it turns out, has a hobby of sneaking in hidden cameras in various showers, swimming pools, beaches, and changing rooms where she knows there are going to be a bunch of hot girls getting cleaned up. Once she’s done recording these naughty stuff, she’ll put them up on Shower Spy Cameras and share her “masterpieces” to her subscribers. The girls in the videos don’t have the slightest idea they’ve already been recorded on camera, and have even less idea that they’re already making cocks hard in a niche porn site! I don’t know about you but Laura seems to be doing a great job at providing voyeur fans with juicy voyeur content!

Site Features

There isn’t much to say about this video-centric porn site except that it’s dedicated to providing subscribers with real and raw videos of buck-naked women taking showers in public places. If you love watching such videos, then you can’t go wrong with Shower Spy Cameras. Visiting their site, it seems to share the usual design template you see in most porn sites which means you’re probably already familiar with its interface. This doesn’t really bother me since it’s clutter-free and easy to navigate. There’s only one form of presentation wherein the latest clips are displayed the moment you enter the main page. They’re presented with screenshots of everyday-type of women getting caught exposing their delicate parts in public areas not just in ladies’ showers but also in nudist beaches and swimming pools. You can go from page to page, with menu links to 6 cameras. Shower Spy Cameras serves up over 700 videos so far, with more coming in every single day. Summing it all up, that’s 850+ of pure voyeur goodness! Perhaps the only few issue here is that the previews don’t come with any real in-depth captions nor are there any information about the locations where different cameras have been installed. It would’ve been more interesting if viewers know that bit, don’t you think? Fortunately, Shower Spy Cameras decided to include date stamps on each video so you’ll know when a scene was added to the site. It’s also good to see that there are some decent viewing options on each scene. Overall, the sheer simplicity of this website will allow you to get in on the fun almost immediately. Videos, screenshots, handy search tools… the works.

Site Girls

Our perverted host, Laura, seems to be really good at doing her job of spying into public places and installing hidden cameras without ever getting caught. She places them in super-secret locations like under benches, inside lockers, etc. Looking at the videos, it really does appear that the ladies being filmed are oblivious to these cameras. This means that you, as a subscriber to Shower Spy Cameras, are given VIP pass to these supposedly ladies-only places where you get to see everyday type of gals changing and showering. And the fact that the one responsible for this naughty deed is a fellow chick doubles the pleasure! Laura and her team make sure that you have at least one new content to jerk off to each day, and there are hundreds more waiting for you. And oh, did I mention that they’re all in full high definition? Neat, right? The site is chock-full of women of all ages and sizes exposing their private parts, not knowing they’re already popular in the online porn scene. Most of the videos featured here are recorded from showers, although some flicks are taken from other public places. Shower Spy Cameras gives you the option to either stream the videos with the embedded Flash player where scenes usually display at a best of 1080p. You can also download your favorite flicks in MP4 format. Download speed is pretty impressive so you can almost immediately begin your steamy porn viewing sessions. Shower Spy Cameras is no doubt one of those niche porn sites that are hard to judge. I mean, aren’t you just baffled how someone is able to install spy cameras in places that are often crowded with people? Has Laura ever been caught sneaking one of her cameras in shower rooms? But it’s quite obvious from the videos that the ladies are completely unaware that they’re being filmed. It’s not scripted at all! None of them behave in a way that would suggest they’re just acting. Way to go, Laura!

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There are hundreds of thousands of voyeur sites out there but nothing seems to come close to Shower Spy Cameras and Laura’s talent at masterfully sneaking in a spy camera or two, and recording all the steamy stuff that’s going on in ladies-only shower and locker rooms. Heck, she’s even able to catch a few dudes and dudettes stripping and exposing their pussies and dongs in nudist beaches! Many sub-par porn sites out there have content that look and feel staged, but Shower Spy Cameras is totally different. This is something real voyeur fans are looking forward to and it’s what makes their cock happy and satisfied! Laura seems to have served up the right kind of meal for these horny gentlemen, and she continues to add more into the menu! In terms of simplicity and usability, nothing could beat Shower Spy Cameras. It delivers exactly as promised and ensures that you’ll never run out of content to enjoy and collect for your ultimate voyeur pleasure. Some people may find it hard to convert to this type of kinky niche but if you’re into this sort of thing then Shower Spy Camera is not to be missed!

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