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Desiring an ass rich diet of porn can be just what the doctor ordered. Wash away those blues with “ass whores” that specialize in ALL the butt stuff. The site labels them as a quintet and I guess they could be right, not to sound too cheesy, but they certainly know how to play their instruments with precision. Ass America gives you a feast of ass related goodies and holds nothing in reserve.

Site Features

Well, I kind of liked the page. It doesn’t have much going on but it does get straight to the point, and that is the content. There is a subtle blue and gray color palette to the page and I guess that goes well with these patriotic American anal experts. The site is responsive, even on mobile devices and loads very quickly, even with high-resolution images that are being loaded for the thumbnails of each piece of content. Using a 4 column design the page fits maximum content on the page without feeling too cluttered and still giving you a good view of what you can expect in each scene. Navigation is simple and the site is separated into categories for Scenes, Bonuses and a Members area.

Though the videos do load nicely on a PC or Laptop, the site’s video is not optimized for mobile and tablet devices and it can be quite awkward to get a good view of a streaming video. But this is not efficient, I would still prefer a larger screen for checking this action out anyway!

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Site Girls

The introduction video is quite clear, you are going to get ass, ass and more ass. Plenty of stuff going on, and hopefully just as much coming back out again. As I looked more closely at the site I noticed that there are way more than just 5 girls featured on this site. Perhaps they have 5 regulars but it seems to me they have gotten a wide selection of girls and included as many high-quality anal scenes as they could muster.

Videos tend to exceed the usual 20-minute mark and run around 30 minutes instead, though the listings of videos on the site are not as extensive as I’ve seen elsewhere, with about 30 videos to choose from, though I have little doubt that this number will grow to much more in the future.

It also seems to be pretty much all video content on the site, without any gallery or photo shoots to browse the content. This isn’t such a bad thing if video is your preferred format for consumption, but I can’t help but feel they might be losing a bit of potential market by not including scene photos.

This has to be taken into consideration with all of the bonuses you receive from this though, as you will also have access to other STAXXX affiliated sites, which includes dozens of other sites containing premium content.

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I’m not a big fan of anal, I like it, but normally, it’s not my thing. But this site got me into a bit, got me to think about it and say “hey, maybe it is all it’s cracked up to be”. I enjoyed the site and even though I think its content needs to grow somewhat, you definitely know what you’re getting yourself into when you enter Ass America.

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