Big Church


Big Church is a catholic and Christian dating site that provides a chance for serious eligible girls, boys and mature people to link up with others of similar mind in a relationship based on shared Christian values. There are lots of activities to enjoy on the platform once you subscribe. It is one of the few platforms that allow members to join for free. There are two basic membership plans you can use to savor the services and content on the site.

Site Features

Since it is a site that is driven by member trends and preferences, Big Church is heavily built along user utility biases. Therefore, expect plenty of user-friendly tools including background information, member profiles, a list of categories and search tools to assist users get to what they want much faster. You are required to supply information that will help you create a profile that the site uses to connect you to other members. There is some basic personal data required before you are admitted to the site as a new member. If you are joining for free, you will be allowed limited access to the services on the platform. You will be asked to supply your denomination, your seriousness with God and the qualities you are looking for in a Christian partner. The latter part is required when you are making an introduction of yourself to the site. Well, I must confess, I was a little confused when I learnt that there seems to be a difference between Christians and Catholics. I didn’t get into the nuances of church history but I personally never noticed the difference except that the Catholics call themselves a different name.
You are better off with a premium membership on Big Church. While the standard plan is a great platform and vintage point to check out what lies yonder, I do not think it’s a great place to remain. There is so much more in the arena that you will immediately see the difference once you upgrade.
I could access the content of the site straight from my mobile devices. The loading of the content is fast and seamless. There are no direct videos but once you subscribe you are privy to the images and videos that the members share.

Site Girls

Big Church presents you with more than just cute girls. Well, it would be a little exaggerated to call them models but boy! It feels like a double kill if you are looking for a lasting relationship. You not only access gorgeous women but those that are disciplined and controlled by Christian moral principles. The platform provides opportunity for members to take part in group discussions, post comments on topical issues and share personal experiences. If you have upgraded to the premium plan, you have a wide array of choices in terms of communication. Although there are no videos that come directly from the site owners or administrators, there is a lot of content that you can savor independently and even post some of your own. You are allowed full access to the profiles of other members just so you make the right friends and meet like-minded Catholics and Christians. You are given a chance to create your friend page so that you can quickly engage with a team that fits your social and religious preferences and persuasions.

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There is value in sharing before you choose a life’s mate. Big Church makes a loud statement that shared values and friendships are the cornerstone of a lasing healthy relationship. The platform provides useful user-friendly tools that make it easy for you to join the community.

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