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The Garden of Eden, is said to be the most wonderful place that has ever existed. There, you can have no worries. Everything is provided for you. The grass is the greenest they will ever be, the trees are the tallest they will ever be, and the animals are the tamest that they will ever be. There is also a river running full of fish. There is also a mountain beyond the horizon. Peace and serenity. That is how you imagine the Garden of Eden to be like. And in many ways, Czech Garden Party is a lot like the Garden of Eden except instead of green grass, you will see people fucking on the grass. And instead of tall trees, you will see women sucking a tall dick. And instead of a river full of fish, you will see a river of squirting

and ejaculating of cum swimming out of each other’s openings. And instead of a mountain beyond the horizon, you will see dozens of boobies just a few inches in front of you. And instead of tame animals, you will see fierce and wild Czech girls wanting to have a taste of cocks. That is right, you’ll see girls fucking and getting fucked wildly and fiercely on the grass. CzechGardenParty gives you the ultimate orgy experience outdoors.

Site Features

Czech Garden Party has a truly comfortable user interface. Their design matches with the theme of the website quite well, which is open-air fucking in a garden. As you enter the home page, you will immediately be greeted with video updates so that you may be able to watch the part where you left off immediately. You will be able to see pictures of scenes from the latest videos that they have updated. This will entice members and other visitors to open the video and get hooked immediately. And once you have watched one video, you will want to watch all of them.

Site Girls

In the green, luscious lawn of Czech Garden Party, all you can see are hot amateur girls. The ones that you are seeing there, they are not porn stars. They are just ordinary women. Very hot, ordinary, Czech women who just loves sex so much. They love sex so much that they organized this little get together where you get it on with just about anyone that you see. Czech women fucking men, Czech women fucking other women, those ladies just cannot get enough of it. Their reproduction caves are so wet that no foreplay is needed. The women there are wet from the get go. They go on their entire lives being wet and craving for a good and hard rocking and pounding.

Instead of lips, you will be kissing pussy lips. Instead of ordinary cuddling, the girls in the garden will cuddle your hard raging boner using their moist tunnels. They will breathe on your cock, lick the tip, and eat it up so fast, so good, that you will be cumming over and over again. Those girls give life to the wildest orgies ever assembled. Everywhere you will look, from left to right, from up to down, from inside out, north, east, west, south, every goddamn direction, you will see hot women fornicating. In one side you will see girls mouth fucking a cock. As for the other side, you will see girls getting laid doggy style, missionary style, spooning, every position you can think of. Standing up, sitting down, squatting, the girls there can do it all. You just cannot figure out why those women love a penis up their cunt so much. They just can’t reject cock. They even welcome it with open arms. They welcome stone-like man sticks into the deepest parts of their vaginas and anuses. Well, I guess the reason does not really matter. Because all that matters is that you will be having the time of your life. All the girls are so horny that they will pounce and screw the living hell out of anything that moves. It is just so majestic that you will want to leave the crappy apartment that you live in, get on a plane, migrate to Czech, and enter the garden in all its majesty. In the garden, one girl is not limited to one cock.

The moment you let down your pants, a flock of girls will approach you and get to work immediately. Do you know what is better than one tongue licking your cock? I will tell you, it is ten girls licking your cock. Ten, hungry girls wanting a taste of your man juice. Ten, hungry girls with an insatiable appetite for a penis. Even after you cum, they will not stop. They will just suck and suck until your balls are so dry that they become wrinkly. The moans coming from all the mouths of the women there are so loud that they can be heard from miles away. And those moans, it is like a mating call. Women far off into the distance, once they hear those moans, know immediately what is going on. And they will rush to the scene to be able get in on the action. There is also an endless swapping of partners. If they are stepping on the grass in Czech Garden Party, then that means that they are available for a good pounding.

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