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An amazingly hot GF porn website, Emo Sex GFS porn site focuses on the emo side of girls. “Emo” may be a genre of music, but its power as a genre is so intense that a fashion statement was born out of it, paving a way for the Emo subculture and when you want the best Emo themed adult video website, look no further than Emo Sex GFs. Featuring the cutest girls and boys who are into the Emo subculture, this website is bound to rock your world.

Site Features

When we hear the term “Emo” what most people will think of is a less frivolous version of Goth girls who wear heavy red and black makeup, an infamous “scene” hairstyle that is either jet black or an amalgamation of other colors such as black with blonde streaks and red gradient. No one is quite sure how the Emo music genre made a fashion statement, but judging from all the hot and sexy girls who love to dress up as Emo girls, I would say it is working extremely well.

Emo Sex GFs set up their website in the early 2011 and back then it was still made of crude Emo vector graphics with bleeding hearts, smiling skulls and “deep” quotes. It was basically a mess until their recent makeover. Now they have a streamlined website that has organized pages to feature their Videos, Albums, Your Favorites and Special Offers. The Videos and Albums I will discuss later so, for now, we will focus on the other highlights they have to offer. The “Favorites” is a page where you will save all videos or picture galleries that you wish to view or download later, which is pretty neat. The last tab is their “Special Offers” which as the name implies, have special offers that you can get such as discounted membership, bulk purchases or gift membership.

To sweeten the pot, Emo Sex GFs has given their members access to at least a dozen sister websites that they managed. Web sites such as Asian Sex GFs, Porn Latina, The Indian Porn and at least ten more titles! The interesting part is there are at least three blank spots next to their latest addition. We can only hope that they add more web titles soon! This, of course, was not the only reason that made me sign up for membership, in fact, are their girls and videos that nearly broke my neck from scrambling to the registration page.

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Site Girls

People, myself included, often confuse Emo girls with Goth girls. I really can’t help it, they nearly have the same hair styles, dark demeanor, and heavy make-up, but they have the same tempting aura and luscious bodies. Maybe it is the assortment of tattoos that give them and edgy bad girl persona, or maybe the rainbow of colors dyed hair that gives them the rebelliousness of a punk rocker? Maybe it’s the polished nails that give them that elegant feel, or maybe it is a lovely combination of all three assets? It goes without saying that most of the Emo girls on this website are amateurs, but some of the notable professional Emo-Goth porn stars are Krysta Kaos, Riley Mason, Kylee Kross and much more! There are however a few porn stars who have retired namely Allie Sin. She may have left her porn days, but her videos and pictures still remain on the website!

The videos in the “Videos” tab is where you can find at least 7,400+ videos and 9,000+ image galleries averaging at 50 images per gallery, leading up to a total of 450,00+ pictures of these girls. That’s a rather impressively large number for a single niche website. However, in the “Albums” page, there are a number of photo galleries that features these cute and quirky girls in the most creative photo shoots they can think of. The best part is, these are all high quality “selfies” that they took of themselves, so you do not have to worry if the photos are staged by a huge production team. “Selfies” are pictures taken by oneself, usually with a webcam, camera or smartphone and shared either to social media or the internet in general. If these selfies have a hot link to them, it means that the image has an accompanying video that you can click the link and see.

Emo Sex GFs allows their members to stream their videos online in an FLV format. Personally, I think this is nice since I do not want any of my porn stash found on my computer than is being accessed by my roommate. However, if there is a certain video that I like and would like to watch later in the privacy of my bedroom, then Emo Sex GFs allows their members to download them in glorious MP4 format, in 480 pixels. Sure, this might be considered “low resolution” for most porn connoisseurs, but these videos are up close shots of them stroking their pussies, sucking their equally Emo boyfriend’s dicks and other general fuckery going on.

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It all boils down to my final thoughts if you should purchase a membership or not. Before I give out the results, I want to recap the perks of being an Emo Sex GFs member. There are 7,400+ videos you can possibly download along with 450,000+ pictures, unlimited downloading and streaming, the ability to add your favorites to a preferred list and special offers for being a member. As an added bonus, you have access to at least a dozen of their sister adult video websites such as Asian Sex GFs, Porn Latina, The Indian Porn and a few more!

Final verdict? That’s a definite “yes”! I have to admit, I regretted not selecting more than a month’s membership because I was in the middle of a beautiful spank session when my membership expired. Learn from my mistakes and get more than a month’s worth if you don’t want to have blue balls!

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