Man’s Best


If you are a fan of porn, then you will love seeing a good site, one that is different from the others, and that still provides you with the porn and the pleasure that you have always wanted to experience. This site is called Man’s Best, and according to its name, you get just that, guys, a lot of them.

With such a variety of gay dudes, you get to explore and enjoy many good videos and photos, and a plethora of genres. You can also enjoy a few of the surprises that the site gives you, after you join, of course.

Site Features

What I found to be amazing on this site, besides the fact that the content is so good, is that you get to see such a great looking home page, that you can easily get aroused just by looking at it. What is more, the page has a really good design, one that is both stylish and very easy to use. At the top of the page, you will notice a menu bar, one that changes color depending on whether you are at the top of the page, where the gigantic HD image is, which shows an intimate gay scene, or below, where the previews are.

Regardless, the menu bar is essential and has all the buttons that you need to cruise the site. The bar has a combination of dark gray, black and blue if it is near the image, and a plain white color if you are scrolling down, towards the previews. Speaking of which, they are organized in a grid-like fashion and are actually photos taken from the videos. They enable you to see some of the content without joining. Each of the previews has a review, that is rating, a caption, duration and the date of upload. There are many of those on the page, separated by those large images, between the sets of previews.

The site also has great bandwidth, so you get to surf at a high speed, and what is more, the site works amazingly well on the mobile devices, too.

Site Boys

With the optimization being so good on this site, you get to the videos in no time at all, and there you get to see what a variety of men they have on the site. You can find any kind of guy there, from the twinks to the buff dudes. They all love fucking, so be sure that you will see great sex, regardless of your preference for men.

There are, in fact, over 370 videos on the site, and with that in mind, and the fact that they each last around 15 minutes, you get to see and download a lot of porn. Yes, you can download the porn, due to the site having that option for you, and in the MP4 format, and the full HD resolution, too. The site also has photos for you, over 3600 of them, which you can also download, and in the ZIP format.

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This is one of the best sites on the Internet, and it has such a variety of gay porn, that you will probably want to spend so much time on it. The site is called Man’s Best, and among its pages, you will find many a good looking guy, a plethora of men and a lot of good porn, whether videos or photos.

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