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As a porn fan, I cannot blame you if sometimes; you are putting yourself in the shoes of others. Meaning to say, there is a big chance that you are wondering what it’s really like to become a male porn star. You might envy them because they are fucking some gorgeous ladies and the hard part is, they are getting paid for it.

Nick Manning is one of my ultimate heroes in the adult filming industry. Why? He appeared in several adult films, 728 to be exact. Moreover, he fucked the hottest and the most famous porn stars in the business. He is indeed the Julius Caesar of the adult film as he came, he saw, he fucked, he conquered. Today, Nick Manning himself is inviting everyone to check out his official site NickManningVIP by the PUB network.

Site Features

Since this site features the legendary Nick Manning, I’m expecting to see the most sophisticated hardcore actions. Apparently, the site never fails my expectation. In here, the site features many famous porn starlets including, Dylan Ryder, Jessica Ryan and Christy Mack. I noticed that most of the content features one on one between famous porn stars and Nick himself. Some scenes are sensual, most are hardcore erotic (no jargons just actions), and there are some scenes that you will easily determine that the actions are scripted. The good thing about the site is that they advertise daily updates before you join as a member.

The ads however, refer to the entire PUBA network. Becoming a member grants you to access more than 35 bonus sites, daily updates, quick streaming or downloading time and best of all live streaming show by famous porn stars. The site features a video teaser with a minute and a half. This video shows what the things to expect inside are. The coolest part of the teaser clip is the visual and sound effects that entice me to discover more of Nick Manning’s sex adventures. As the name implies, you are invited to become the VIP of Mr. Manning himself and drill down those vaginas using his jackhammer dick. As of today, there are 34 quality videos available presented in thumbnails. These videos can be watched on streaming using Flash, MP4 for good quality and WMV for downloading to enjoy full HD. Some of the videos available are from across the network. You will see blonde beauties like Summer Brielle who sucks the cock of Nick nice and slow. Threesome action featuring Nick, Alison Moore and Katie Ives, anal actions, blowjobs, and early morning sex with Dahila Sky.

The videos length will vary depending on the actions. Some videos could last for only 12 minutes and there are others that almost half an hour. The image galleries are also presented on the homepage. There are links from the page that takes you to the photo sections. These photos are mostly taken from the actions while others are poses featuring Nick together with famous hot porn stars. Each gallery has 50 up to 80 images which can be saved in your file using zip format.

Site Girls

As mentioned, there are lots of hardcore featured from the site. There is gonzo sex with Asian slut, throating, ass fuck while Nick uses his finger drilling Sadle’s beaver, three way fucking and lots of blowjob actions. Nick will show the whole world what keeps himself and his dick busy all the time. There are pole dancing sluts, a bitch who tries to seduce him, shower scenes, and everything under the sun. Discover how Nick Manning enjoys his life to the fullest and make the best use of his dick literally. It’s a life or a porn star you will certainly love to watch which will keep you busy every night.

This dude is a man of action as he overpowers these bitches with his mean veiny cock. No wonder why many porn stars in the business wants to pair with him. Aside from fuck actions, the site also features behind the scenes clips. In here, Sumer Brialle, Allie Haze and Dahila Sky will be asked some few questions about themselves. There are also director’s cut and photo shoots scenes where you can discover the things that are happening off screen. See Nikita on the set as she tells the world what it feels like having sex with the man. The site also features Nick Manning’s story telling as he expresses his own sex preferences, his hobbies and favorite pastime. I really love watching Nick Manning together with Allie Haze. He really laid the smackdown on Allie’s ass as he slaps the ass over and over again while pounding the hole. Allie loves it by the way and she is asking for more Nick’s dick.

He often talks back to the camera like telling his sex story to his friends and the action continues. You will see him sweaty and angry as he unloads his jizz to Allie. It is going to be messy and nasty. Allie Haze is a brunette hotty with an angel looking face. What’s so amazing about her in this video is her bushes. Back then, she only worked in girl to girl scene. But not until she met Nick Manning. Allie Haze has a unique life story. Did you know that before she starts the adult business she was married from a preacher?

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So, for guys who are looking for adventure you should get your motor running and head on the highway as Nick Manning will show you how to live the life into the fast lane. The site will give you your ultimate VIP tickets to see hardcore and sophisticated fuck actions by Nick Manning together with his co-stars in the business. It’s a thug life for Nick Manning as he came, raise hell and leave the bitches.

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