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And now, we pay homage to one of the smutopia’s granddaddy. I grew up reading (really now) its pages whenever I got the chance since my dad usually hid it in places where I couldn’t find it. Their publication has been around for half a century now and has become the standard of some of other well-known smut publications. Now that they’ve launched their very own website, they promise to showcase their finest lasses and you can even backtrack previous issues and videos. Their video and image library is vast enough to keep you busy inside your room with updates being frequent. Mr. Hef must be very proud of this.

Site Features

The member’s page is pretty elegant with basic black as their color theme. Menus are readily available on the upper part of the page. There are even categories located on the left side of the page. Category varies from Playmates, celebrities, cybergirls etc. You can even search for the girl of your preference from all natural, fresh faces and even sexy wives. There are even time stamps on when the video was posted on the site. Also, you will see the videos being watched and the pictorials being viewed section.

At the bottom part showcases their ‘trusted partner’ sites which are added bonus once you become a member. To date, they now have almost 7,000 videos and videos can go as finely detailed as HD.

But of course, since Playboy has posted some of their oldies, the quality of some videos diminishes as you click further from page to page. Downloads are very much welcome in different formats like MP4 and WMV. But if you want to have a quick look at the video, you can just stream it directly on the website. Images are also massive amounting to 6,000 galleries with almost 50 pictures for each and can be downloaded as ZIP. All pictures are in fine quality with Playboy’s artistic touch. Updates are done daily with a minimum of 1 video so expect fresh videos from them. What I can suggest though is to add some keyword tags and make their videos have longer playing times, because I’ve watched a video from them and it only lasted for several minutes which left me a bit teased.

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Site Girls

As for the videos that I’ve watched through this site, came across with this video: these group paid a visit to one of their friends who partied with them all night. Once inside their friend’s flat, they found her still in slumber with a guy whom I believe was their friend as well. They tried to wake her up and removed their blankets off them. They were surprised that the guy’s dick was still rock hard and they played a joke to that dozed fellow. The girl who’s with the group gave the dozed out dude some cock sucking while his ‘girlfriend’ does the moaning. The dude finally woke and was startled at first upon finding out that it’s not her girlfriend that’s sucking him. After some banter, they persuaded him to give her girl some early morning fucking. So he immediately took the clothes off of her girl and laid her down on the couch spread-eagled, and quickly rammed his boner inside the girl. He fucked her girl fast and rough that the girl’s body shook every time she was rammed deep.

The other girl got so turned on that she invited the other guy that she’s with to do the same. The video jumped to the scene where they’re already naked and already at it in sitting reverse cowgirl pose. The guy stood up carrying her with both her legs resting on the dude’s arms and banged in a standing position. Going back to the other couple, they’re still in the same position and surprisingly, the other girl jumped on the couch with them and began pushing the guy’s ass giving more powerful thrusts to the girl being banged. The girl can now be heard screaming with all that good fucking she’s receiving. Afterward, they exchanged partners so the visiting girl was now banged on the couch doggy style while the other was a standing doggy pose. Both the guys were like sex crazed maniacs that banged them hard and rough. For my next video, a seems kinda lost and parked his truck in front of a house and checking if someone’s around. Instead, a gun-toting girl went out of the house and asked who he was.

But just as when he’s about to leave the scene skipped to the part where she was commanding the guy to take off his clothes which the guy did. She saw the guy’s boner that turned her on. She took off her denim shorts and told the guy that her pussy’s not gonna lick itself. The dude knew what she meant so he went in between the girl’s thighs and began slurping her twat. And when he knew it was wet enough, he made her do a doggy pose before he started fucking her. They made several sexual poses and did a cowgirl pose for their finale. The guy pounded her real fast before releasing his cum on her face and tits.

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There’s no doubt that this porn site is definitely on top of the food chain. With user-friendly navigational tools, star-studded roster of bunnies and daily updates, could you ask for more? But of course, not all porn sites are created perfect. One of the notable areas of improvement is making the video’s running time a bit longer for a much satisfying experience. I’m sure Mr. Hef’s web wizards would take a note of it. All in all this site is one of the best and without a doubt, highly recommended.

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