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Renting DVD’s, lining up for them, or even waiting for the big release – it was the smell of yesterday and unfortunately, that smell died down a long time ago when the internet rose and paved way to online porn. It is not truly bad considering watching porn online is deemed more convenient than waiting for your favorite DVD shop to open or having to realize that it is closed somehow and you cannot purchase or rent anything. Truly, the internet is the more advantageous and favorable option. Of course, as someone who frequented porn shops back then, I miss the smell of the racked up shelves and cigarettes. I miss lining up and I miss waiting for certain releases. I miss renting porn flicks and having to return them at a very late time hence getting penalized and all those stuff in between.

Well, if you, like me, seem to miss the good old days or just want to seemingly have a new experience watching porn, then you will be glad to know the existence of SugarInstant. Once was known as Sugar DVD, this hot thing right here has been around since 2001 and ever since then, they have been planting and presenting solid porn flicks that cater to the favorites of many audiences. This porn site garners its movies from different well-known studios and put them up their site. Sure, the content might come from different work rooms, but rest assured, every single thing here is generally exclusive. SugarInstant gives you the immediate dirt from hot and steamy porn videos, as well as live and archived sex cam shows. If that is not aesthetic enough, I simply am not sure what is. No two flicks are alike and if you venture a little further, you will notice how the entirety of the site is completely different and unique from most porn sites you have visited.

Site Features

SugarInstant may be a little old, with 15 years of history, but that does not mean that they opted to keep their site design shriveled up and old fashioned. As a matter of fact, they have a really retro and simple design going on right now and it perfectly sums up the porn site. With one look at the design, you will find out that this site does pack a lot and has tons of potential. Mind you, that is before you browse the content. The navigation here is pretty simple and easy to manage, the site layout and arrangement is perfect and every single thing is in place, and the user interface is quite the thing since it is rather very user-friendly. In here, you will not be confused on where to go or where you will end up to. Everything here is easily understood and just deliberately simple.

Of course, the site does not work like your usual porn site. It has more buttons, more features, more updates, and basically more in an overall sense. With SugarInstant, you will have more than the usual options when it comes to watching your favorite porn movies. The links you will need to help you get by here are on top of the site, a menu bar consisting of different elements like the home page button, the button that will essentially take you to a page where you can watch all the scheduled live cam shows, a link that will prompt you to a page where you can access all their “virtual reality” content, and even a direct link to all their DVD rentals. They have links for their “pay per view”, their newly put up DVD’s, and a button to click that will prompt you to your account page. Next to this is the login and log out button, you only need to input your username and password to log in. Next to this is the shopping cart icon where you will be able to see all your purchases and orders.

The site works differently and, although you have free streaming with your account, if you wish to download or own a physical copy of a movie, you will have to pay extra. Of course, it is nothing big and this porn site stays true to its word that it will have the same features like a real (and physical) porn shop has. SugarInstant does not have any bonus sites but inside, there are tons of bonus videos and other things that will keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting more. You may rate each of the movie and leave your own reviews or comments so that other people can read them and check them out.

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Site Girls

There are tons of girls that flock around SugarInstant and this is because it is basically a shop where you can find the hottest, most gorgeous chicks ever. With thousands of videos lined up for you and your entertainment, it is no surprise that the site has racked up different sorts of beauties. There are rather famous ones that you have probably encountered a few times like Aubrey Gold, Sarah Vandella, or Sabrina Moor. While there are well-known porn stars, there are also amateurs that make up the circle but despite that tag, they are still a wonderful sight to behold.

SugarInstant can be viewed in different platforms like desktops, laptops, Roku, Boxee, PlayStation, Google TV, iPad, iPhone, Android, XBox, and Wii. Aside from the high definition videos available for streaming, downloading, pay per view, and even purchasing a physical copy, there are tons of virtual reality videos that can be watched here using VR goggles such as Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. In addition, you get scheduled live cam shows in great quality. There is no download limit but you do have to pay a cheap fee to download several other videos. Opting to own a physical copy would require the same cheap fee but so worth it.

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SugarInstant is a huge site where all the greatest porn films can be found. I am totally recommending this to everyone who wants a huge variety of flicks in great and worthwhile quality. Don’t hesitate to check this one out because it is totally worth it.

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