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The website Swing Nudist comprises of a large library of pics and videos which have been shot by hidden cameras. The footage shows different couples not just tanning or enjoying the pleasant sun shine but also appreciating their beauty out in the open. They will be seen fucking, kissing, giving head and also mingling in some awesome group sex action. The website is your one stop solution to real porn footage and the uniqueness of the materials will definitely make it an exciting prospect. You all have heard of partner swap haven’t you? If yes then you all know the fun in it right? The website replicates that kind of fun in a better and intensified manner. Visiting the website, you will find that there are lots of wonderful outdoor actions such as nude couples teaming up, even exchanging partners or their significant others (wives to be more specific) with complete strangers on wonderful beaches or in lush green fields. The action is amazing and sense-titillating. I honestly have been quite fascinated with the lifestyle even though I do not imagine real live swingers to lead a life they do in the novels. However the thing which intrigues me the most is the swinging couples. In my mind, the usual belief which I had was that swinger takes place within closed doors, but the website Swing Nudists provides contents which are completely different. It offers swinging or partner swapping out in the beaches or grassy fields. Perhaps this is why the website has managed to grab so much attention as they render contents which is unheard of. The website started off in the year 2008 and in these 7 years it has managed to accumulate about 630+ videos. The clarity of the videos might also differ, while most of the videos will be in good quality, some of the older ones will be in the average hidden camera footage resolution. The pictures were added to its exclusive collection of contents in 2009 and though the updates are a bit slow paced with two or three additions made every week, you cannot really say that it is bad considering the fact that most of the websites add just one video or picture set in one week. Also though there isn’t much to brag about in the bonus section, the website does give you some extra links of some web pages. However one of the great things about the website is the clarity of the videos. The guys who have taken the shots or have captured the footage have to be applauded. They have managed to do a great job, capturing every single aspect of the action-even the subtle conversations which take place before as well as at the time of the action. In the pictures they also provide bright and clarity filled pictures with some great angels and framings of the fuck sessions. The website is also quite easy to browse through and with a host of hard core action install for your eyes, setting up a membership will prove to be a great option. Let us check out some more interesting facts about the website. So follow closely!

Site Features

The layout and design of the website is simple and the episodes are listed as thumbnails. The pictures and titles are available in plenty but not for once will you feel that the website is over-crowded as such. In fact the contents are displayed properly and owing to the impressive user interface of the website, you will be able to find as well as sort out your desirable contents in a breeze. The latest updates will also be presented right in the home page and if you want to know about the ways to set up your own account, it can be done in just a few simple ways. Firstly you would have to click on the sign up option and after being taken to the membership place, you will have to enter your personal information and also select a subscription package. The subscriptions rates will be displayed on that very page and selecting one which goes with your wallet just submit your account request. A confirmation notification will be send over to you from the website’s end and on getting that, it will mark the beginning of your membership account. From that point itself, you will be able to check out some of the awesome contents which are lined up for your eyes. Plus you will also be able to access some of the newest additions made in the website. To pay off the subscription you will have to cater to the credit card payment mode.

Site Girls

As you visit the website you will find a host of beautiful women being exchanged by their partners to some unknown stranger. However these ladies do not shy from it and actively enjoy sex with men other than their partners allowing their partners to do the same with someone else’s significant half. This is also done with girlfriends or between friends. The website provides you a search option which you can use to find out the kind of women you like to see get nailed by some big cocks upon the sand or green grass; amidst nature. You will find women of different categories– blondes, ethnic women, those having big jugs, mature cougars, plumpers and many erotic and sex filled models. The videos and pics are good in majority. Only the really older ones are in less resolution.

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As a final say, the website does offer some good stuff with some good packages. The videos are also good in quality and with regular updates; it gives you a website which you can always count on especially if you are a fan of swinger porn action. So set up an account and enjoy the action in store for you!

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