Rough porn is something that many people cannot understand but those who love this kind of porn will tell you this is the best porn ever. This type of porn makes use of vigor and some amount of ferocity. In this type of porn, the ladies get placed in submissive positions. They are fucked raw and hard in their asses and stretched until they can take no more. One of such porn categories that some people find really exciting is that of deep throating. There are many sites that carry content on deep throating but very few are completely focused on deep throating like the web.

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It is raw and rough but it is sure to turn you on in more ways than you can ever imagine. As you browse the site and get to see some previews as a visitor, you will definitely be tempted to take the viewing further. That obviously means clicking on the join tab and following the process to become a member. You should be enjoying full-length content in no time. While it is a fact that there are scam sites that lure people into disclosing their personal details only for them to be duped, when you use Throated, you can be comforted to know that all the right security measures are in place to ensure that your personal data is not compromised.

Site Features

A good site is one that allows users to find content without too much trouble. Going by this very basic definition of a good site, Throated can be considered to be a good site. It has all the right menu tabs and associated links in the right place. The main menu tabs include scenes, photos pornstars, and sites.

On the home page, you will find picture links to the latest videos as well as the latest photos the site. When you move to the page for pornstar, you will find different pornstars displayed. You can search pornstars by name by clicking on the letter of the alphabet that their names begin with. If you are more interested in pornstars that are popular, you will have to click on the most popular tab. If you prefer those porn stars that have been highly rated by the users, then you can click on the highly rated tab to find them. The same holds true for scenes.

The same holds true for scenes. You can sort scenes by most viewed, latest updated and highly rated. To help users find content quickly, scenes have been grouped into categories. Popular categories include but are not limited to; cumshot, pussy licking, cute and lingerie. The site has a search box located at the top-right corner of the page. This can be used to find the content very quickly. As a bonus members on thus site also, get access to other sites on the MyxxxPass network. This means they will be getting sites like OnlyBlowjobs and MommyBlowsBest.

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Site Girls

To be able to take this amount of cock and still look beautiful with it in your mouth, you have to be a pro. That is probably why most of the girls on this site are professionals. These are mostly girls that have been around a while and have learned to take cock in their mouth over the years. These are pretty sexy girls with great bodies. They have been around a while so have learned a thing or two about getting Throated. You are going to love a girl like Aaliya Love who is a professional model who has been around for quite a while. In her time as a porn star, Aaliya has done almost everything imaginable in porn. You will love the way she succeeds to get Throated and still look super sexy.

As for the videos, they are many and they are of very good quality. You will videos in which naughty freshies are pleasuring themselves using objects like carrot and shower heads. You will also find videos set in an office setting where a very horny office girl is made to cum severally by her male colleagues. There are over 200 videos on the site available in hd and mp4. These can be downloaded as a high quality and as a low quality. They can also be streamed directly online. There are also photo sets that are associated with these videos. Photosets can be downloaded in zip file format. As a member you are, allowed to download as many videos as you want.

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There are much rough and hardcore porn sites that carry content that can be considered BDSM. However, not all of these provide the expected level of content that most members would love to have. As such when you find a site like Throated that offers quality content with a lot of bonus sites, you can only hurry to become a member.

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