18BJ is a hardcore blowjob site that you want to be a part of for obvious reasons. The models are wild and the entertainment that you get here is hot. There is simply no substitute for the action that you will witness here or on any other similar portal as this site will cast the spell of satisfaction on you in a great way. The beauty of the site lies in the genuineness of the action because these amateur models are not faking it, they are really crazy for big cocks and will not settle for anything less than the pleasure that emanates from them. This is exactly what will make you want to sign up to this platform.

The models suck cock as if their lives depend on it. They go for deep throat sex and get gagged in a way that will shock you in the very best ways. As part of the largest XXX collection on the internet, you will truly get a good bang for your buck here. Not only do big cocks get sucked, but they also result into cum swallowing scenes that will ensure you also end things with a great masturbation session. We have all looked forward to unforgettable blowjobs and, if you have never had one, then you can debut your experience vicariously through the men that are being pleasured on the portal.

However, the site turns things up a notch higher by featuring a few Milfs and other mature women so that the full membership here would be the most natural thing to do. These girls love nothing more than having their mouths stuffed with big cocks. Giving head is most definitely their forte and they do not let anything get in the way of pleasuring their partners. Some of them choke, drool and even spit in a disgustingly appealing way. Just when you think that they have had enough, they show you that they are just ‘warming up’. They patiently stroke, lick and wait for your libido to build up and just when you want to explode with cum they stop….and then start all over again!

Site Features

Upon login into the 18BJ members’ area, you will be able to see that there is a lot of excitement waiting for you. The site is represented by red and black colors that make all of the content seem lively and the site is general visually appealing. 18BJ does not have an excessive amount of text and scenes descriptions as you would see on other similar sites because the portal believes in getting right down to the nitty gritty.

The content is spread out in a variety of pages that will let you access all that the collection has in store for you easily. You will not experience any challenges in the presentation of the scenes. All of the pages load up very quickly and this goes to show that 18BJ puts its members first. The flicks are simply tagged by the number of views and a run-time. As you will see, all of the scenes have a run-time that ranges from twenty to forty minutes. The level of clarity that every scene is presented with is simply out of this world. There isn’t any blurriness that should be contended with.

For a site with such a large collection, you may think that you will experience poor navigation but you all be delightfully surprised to find out that the portal prides itself in great organization and easy navigation from the number of views, you will be able to tell that 18BJ has up to three million members, proving that it is truly solid site.

Site Girls

Watching the fresh faces on 18BJ dishing out blowjobs left and right is pleasure in itself. They are a work of art that makes the time that you spend here worthwhile. Maybe they should seek out a full-time career in the world of porn because they will most definitely thrive at it. Their mouths are the pleasure holes that shame all others especially because they place the dicks deep inside them and start sucking the life out of them. Do I need to say more? They do it so delightedly as if they will be awarded a prize of sorts afterward and so effortlessly as if it didn’t take much from them to handle these hard cocks. The models are the life-line of the site because they bring the amazing action in every possible way.

They make it evident that they like to suck and fuck. They sincerely want you to enjoy all that they do on screen and if it takes getting gagged until they shed tears or getting fucked with their head upside down then they will do it perfectly. 18BJ models are not one-trick ponies. Most of them do not only take on one cock but they do so with a maximum of four to ten cocks at the same time. Other times, they may decide to get fucked in the ass while sucking another cock right in front of them. In cases where the men desire a threesome, they invite their friend along and decide to suck every last sperm out of them. The entire time, they would look you right in your face, proving that they are the bosses and there is nothing you can do about it.

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It is my sincerest wish that you make the most of this site just as I did. The fresh faces intend to make their way into your world and turn it upside down. To them, bringing pleasure to a hard throbbing cock is like any other simple task that can be carried out with their eyes closed. This is the beauty of the action that you will see here. The combination of great features and even greater talent makes 18BJ your one stop shop for amazing blowjob scenes. This site is the bridge between you and cloud nine.

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