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Today the American porn industry caters to viewers all over the world and also to a wide range of personal preferences. Some of us like to see nubile beauties while others may have choices regarding a particular ethnic group. For those of who really like Chinese food so much so that were secretly if the porn you watch was also similar, voila, Fried Rice Fuckers is here to answer all your worries. The mere name of this porn locale is enough to send tickles down the right places (if you know what I am talking of) and once I overcame this initial excitement and went to click on the URL, the surprise was better than any of my Christmas presents! The site was launched in 2007 but although the newer content is as good as the ones that were posted at the time of tis inception, there is certainly no doubt about the fact the website producers have shown some slack in their updates. I did not stumble upon any recent updates and hence, will not be able to comment on that aspect the website whatsoever. However, there a lot of other goodies packed in this website for a medium price. As the name suggests, the portal specializes in Asian-themed porn with most (not all let me mention here) models of the exotic oriental origin. With their fair skins and slick hair and even well-polished pussies, there is some seriously hot stuff going on the website. The sample vids and pictures are extremely tantalizing and a lover of Asian porn will definitely be glued to this website for more than one reason! I spotted some models spotting a pigtail while showing off her huge tits and slightly dark nipples alluring for the onlookers and the mere sight of these horny chicks will make you want to order some fried rice for dinner! The overview of the website proved enough erotic for me and proceeding to the subscriptions, I was ready with my tissue roll, just in case I had fun more than once during the show!

Site Features

The site must be praised amply for their quirkiness when it comes to the designing of the portal. Very true to the locale name, Fried Rice Fuckers, from the makers of Lotza Dollars Company, have planned well to give an insight of all the goodness that is stored on the site. With Chinese takeaway boxes, complete with chopsticks is an impressive logo that has been smartly incorporated. The overall black and purple setting of the background and thumbnails presents the perfect dining set up for the lovers for Asian cuisine (read Asian hardcore cock sucking). Although there is not a lot of content on the site, they have been smart enough to give it a fuller effect with the slightly bigger size of the thumbnails which for a matter of fact give the viewers a little extra sneak peak of the whole matter. Paging through the pages is also a very pleasing affair. Overall verdict on the layout and management of space, two extra cumshots boys! Like most other websites, the newest vids and snapshots are listed on the top. One thing that I really liked about the videos is the indexing format. There are pretty horny and well shot sample vids on the welcome page, to get a flavor of the Chinese cuisine assorted on this website, it is advised that you get your subscriptions. Not only is there no restriction on downloads and DRM limitation, your membership comes with an all you can see pass to the My All Access Pass network and the 25 bonus sites that are a part of the affiliate. You can mark and save your favorite picks from the vids, read the model information under their model index tab and also lay your eyes on some of the hot chicks through their live feeds and cam shows. All this goodness in the members’ only zone comes for a very reasonable price. With a monthly recurring and non-recurring package and yearly package, it is very convenient to opt for a membership. The lack of a trial package may be a little glitch for some but trust me on this, the affordable rates and quality of porn on this locale will ensure you have every bit of money repaid in its full worth. The pictures are stored in more than 436 galleries and each have a whopping number of an average of 200 snapshots in each! That is a hell lot of Asian goodness packed in a site. Most of the images I viewed were pretty crisp and clear and can be seen in an online slideshow or download.

Site Girls

As per the genre, most of the girls are of the Asian ethnicity and include Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Cambodian hotties. A special mention goes to the hot honey bunches who love to play with themselves. There is a lot of sex toys used in general in the videos and sometimes in combination with hard real dicks! It is always fun watching medium holes being spread wide and nested with dildos or vibrators. The videos are POV shot and quite crisp when it comes to lighting and picture quality. There are 2 formats for the vids; one for online streaming on their embedded flash player and the other for downloads. They are- Flash, 720×480 and MP4 (.mp4, .m4v), 1600k, 720×480. The videos are categorized as per the common genres like blowjob, creampie, anal and the likes and there quality of content under each section is quite tantalizing. Overall say on the quality of content; it is in one word, creamilicious!

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Although the quantity of pics and vids on the site may seem a little on the meager site, but the website more than manages with its quality. Clean shaven pussies or nicely trimmed bushes, they are always hungry for a food dick feed!

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