My Wife Ashley


Hot, gorgeous and sexy Ashley is a naughty wife who collaborates with her hubby to bring you some sizzling porn entertainment with a natural touch of dad and mom. I mean, it is great quality amateur stuff made at home by the couple. It provides some great viewing for married couples. You might just get the much needed jab of life in your romantic relationship here.

Site Features

The site is largely draped in light blue hue. I’m not sure what effect it has on me but I can confidently confirm that the site is fresh and growing at an impressive pace. There is a categories list and some tagged captions to help you with navigation. There is otherwise little else to count on for browsing and navigating around. Yet, I had no problems with catching up with the content here. So, my conclusion is that given the simplicity of the site and light content available, the tools availed are sufficient; despite the lack of other browsing tools such as an advanced search widget. I could access the site quite comfortably with my mobile phone. The content loads impressively fast.

The videos are great quality stuff. Going by the fact that the site is an amateur platform, they have done a great job. One of the exciting features about My Wife Ashley is that you get exclusive content just meant for you as a valued user of their service. Indeed, I have not seen any of the performers on other sites. The videos are also equally unique and exclusive to the site. The site’s content can be streamed directly on site. If you are always on the move, you could still enjoy the service because the content is fully compatible with mobile devices. Streaming is fun because the videos just keep rolling without glitch if you are in a place with high internet speed. The site provides Ashley fans with a section in which they can get to know her. In fact, the section is referred to as Get to Know Me.

Site Girls

Ashley does not just fuck Jack her loving husband, she also screws around with some virile looking muscular dudes too in threesomes. I guess this is the spice that the couple needs to keep their flame alive. Indeed, it helps many others like me out here. Although some people may not admit it, the site of your wife fucking with another man triggers intensive erotic feelings in a lot of men. They will deny it but, well, I’m with Jack in this. It simply adds spice to the central relationship. Nothing titillates me more than watching this hot, gorgeous model (married to Jack) but getting a pounding from some other men in joint orgies with her husband. Ashley is also captured playing with some other pretty girls as she is teased and aroused, and eventually fucked by her friends. I love to see the main character subdued under her emotional coat while the assertive partner subjects her to erotic sensations until the star model is fully lost in the moment and seemingly vulnerable to those who are, supposedly, her assistants.

If there is one thing that Ashley outshines her competition in the individual model niche, it is that she is downright humble. You have some great videos to sample on this site. With over 7 videos that come with a 16 minute playback per session you have something to smile about. The videos are provided in MOV and WMV format. Alternatively, if you are a photos fan, visit over 20 galleries and explore the high res photos. Each of the galleries contains over 100 sexy photos of the models captured in the act. Although you are allowed to download the content, there is a cap to the number of downloads you can make per day. The site does not overtly announce the restriction, but the last time I used their content consistently, I was limited to slightly over 3GB on daily basis.

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Ashley is a hottie all round. Her performance is admirable too. The amateurish display on My Wife Ashley serves to add to the flavor you savor. It is one site I haven’t stopped visiting, and I honestly don’t think I will do so any time soon.

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