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There comes a time where a person must embark on a search for new websites, with content as you have never seen before. Such a website I have found, and it goes by the name of Velvet Ecstasy, a site dedicated to variety, having all types and sorts of porn you could possibly imagine, but shot professionally, while the models are actual couples, which do things they would normally do, and that is, enjoy themselves.

Site Features

This site is dedicated to variety, and thus, its design is quite attractive. With really nice curves and shapes, you are able to browse through its tour, enjoying every bit of action you are allowed to see. That is, of course, a whole set of categories, ranging from normal sex to some fetishes which are downright dirty. Whatever tickles your fancy, you will surely find it here, among the many, regularly updated videos.

With so many categories, one should be thankful for having a sorting option, and may I say that it was done in a very delightful fashion, one that allows you to search for your favorite porn and find it quickly, so as you get to spend more time watching the action you ever so desired. The sorting being so nicely done, you can also imagine the navigation to be perfect, as well. It is perfect, no lag whatsoever. Even when browsing from my mobile phone, I was delighted to see that it was fully optimized for mobile devices, making your experience thus more pleasurable.

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Site Girls

Please note that this site has couples, real life couple, doing the things they love, while being filmed by professionals, and some of the couples are models as well. This only provides you with a more realistic experience, as no one can act out a scene of sizzling action in the bed, as actual couples can do them. Given how this site is dedicated to variety and diversity, with so many categories, ranging from pregnant, to anal sex, you also have blowjobs and asphyxiation, you can really expect the couples and models to be diverse as well.

As the site’s motto suggests, that variety is the spice of life, you should really not be surprised by the difference of the models and couples, both in their size, and general body type. The only thing in common that these different videos have is that all of them end in an orgasm, be that a squirting one or an explosive cumshot. And while couples are amateurs, they are shot by professionals, which know their job to the fullest, bringing you the pleasure of watching all of this variety in crystal clear full HD.

Now when you have in mind all the different categories you would be able to watch, and in what quality, you should start wondering what the membership plan could offer to bribe into this paradise of pleasure even more. Well, that something is the possibility to download and own all of the videos, which makes a very large collection, since they are updated weekly. Add to this the fact that you get three more sites for free once joining, and you should be a very happy porn lover.

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An amateur lover’s paradise, a paradise for a person wanting to see couples engaging in sex while being filmed by professionals, all in their own style, which tends to bring a lot of variety to the table, that is what VelvetEcstasy offers. Along with a lot of very long videos and a very diverse pornographic world that you could be immersed in, you are also able to download the videos which makes this site a must have for any porn lover.

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