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What makes some porn sites stand out when compared to the other ones, is the sheer fact that they have better content, content that you cannot really find on any other site. The thing that I like about this site, however, is that they have a good design and that they are really user-friendly. The site’s name is Recorded GFs, and they do have a lot of amateur girls, whose pictures get submitted on a regular basis, as well as the videos. They do a variety of stuff, from masturbation to hardcore fucking.

Site Features

The first thing that you notice when you get to the site is that they have a good design. That you can spot by all the previews on the site’s home page. The first previews actually start at the top of the page, where the gigantic collage of images is. The images are either actual pictures, of stills taken from the videos. What is more, you do get to see quite a lot more, as below, there are even more previews. More or less in the same shape and size as the ones in the collage, but with more images to see than in the collage, you can easily be enticed to join.

Rightfully so, as this site has many things to offer you, from good sorting options and a search bar to bonus content that will do more than just surprise you. When you join, by clicking the really noticeable pink button on the home page, and after you fill out a simple form and, of course, pay a cheap sum of money, you can see what the site actually gets you. You get access to the videos and a quick one, access to everything. The site has no lag at all, and loading the videos takes only about a second of your time.

Site Girls

That means, that in the long run, you will save a lot of time on needless things, like loading time, and the similar ones. Now, the thing that you need to know about this site is that it is user submitted, and that means that all the content will vary in terms of quality. You can find the high-quality ones or the really low-quality ones. The softcore content includes stripping, taunting and masturbation. The hardcore content, however, includes ass fucking, pussy fucking, blowjobs, lesbian videos, things that you can expect to see from sites like this one.

The videos are raw and great looking, the sex is amazing. You do get many videos, over 3900 of them, and you can also stream or download them, in different formats, too. While streaming is available in the flash format, downloading is available in the MP4 format. The pictures, too, are numerous, and the site has over 800 galleries, most of which have over 15 photos per gallery. They, too, are downloadable, so get ready to start your own porn collection. Upon joining, you do get over 22 sites to explore, all of which have different content, so you do indeed get much for a cheap price.

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This site will have you spending a lot of time by your screen, and you will love it, as you get not only to enjoy one of the best amateur sites out there but many more, as you get 22 sites extra with the offer. Recorded GFs brings you the amateur girlfriends, and so much more, so check it out, for the pleasure is yours to be taken.

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