Third World Shemales


Third World Shemales comprises a massive anthology of exceptional shemale hardcore from the Third World Media company. The website has lately been revamped with a fresh design and simpler-to-navigate members’ section. You will get to see transgender actions from all over the world with many scenes filmed in Brazil or Asia. The bitches are definitely ready to suck dick and get banged up their ass holes.

Site Features

I love the simple design the guys behind Third World Shemales have employed. Not a lot of sites have a user friendly interface. But, that is what this porn site is bringing to you; a very friendly interface. Every stuff is visual and all textual description are visible to the naked eye.
Another great feature is the seamless navigation. Finding your way around the site is pretty fast. I could switch between tabs and web pages very easily. You will love the site instantly if you are a new visitor. The brilliant colors used on the site are also attractive, and they do not harm the eyes nor the brain.
The videos here can be saved for offline viewing of watched online with help of an embedded flash player. The image set can be open onsite and viewed in slideshows or even saved in zipped files. You are required to unzip the folder by extracting the images to your preferred location.
The designers decided to tweak the platform so as to be compatible with portable devices. I had a smooth browsing on my tablet. Other platforms such as Apple, Android, and Java.

Site Girls

Trannies featured at Third World Shemales are smoking hot. They are 250 in number, and that is acceptable. The site name depicts that the acts are filmed in third world nation, and it is true. Most of the tapes are produced in Brazil and Asia. Who said developing countries cannot produce porn? Actually, they produce smart stuff that surpasses the so called developed states.
There are around 350 films on Third Worls Shemale. My computation takes in both the ‘solo videos,’ and ‘hardcore scenes.’ I assumed that was the apt way to get a precise amount. The photo galleries are more than 300 in number. Each image gallery carries about ninety photo. The entire galleries computes to more than 22000 images. Be assured that every video features a different tranny adult entertainer.
My tour on the site proved more interesting when I did find that there were more screen caps and website details taking in film details and transsexual entertainers in them. It is true that the trannies may be from not so developed countries, but there is nothing to complain about regarding their external appearances.
Watching them rub their meaty dicks on HD movies is an awesome experience. You get around 15 minutes of playtime. Download formats include MP4s that play at resolutions of 960 X 540 and bitrates of 1.6 megabytes per second. The other format is WMV and it is displaying at an amazing HD resolution of 1280 X 720 and bitrates of 2550 kbps.

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In conclusion, Third World Shemales is a very amazing platform. Good thing is that the films that are on Third World Shemales provide the high-quality, hard-ramming action, which shemale porn aficionados will utterly love. You will be glad to find such a good choice of fat-cocked trannies. The fresh design is amazing and the members’ zone is easier-to-navigate.

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