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A superb and fine Asian porn site from Yellowplum Ltd., focusing on pure MMS scandals and voyeuristic videos is IndianSpyVideos. The quality videos presented on IndianSpyVideos are either shot by hidden spy cams or by the participants themselves. The videos show the insane ways in which the sluts make love to their boyfriends and husbands or the vulnerable moments when they’re bathing or changing their dress and are unaware of being filmed at this moment. Whatever is the kind of video you see on IndianSpyVideos, one thing is for sure – you will end up jerking off to the moans and screams of these sluts as they masturbate or have their pussies invaded.

These scandalous videos will, in due course of time, become your favorite hangout in the evenings, after a hard day’s work, and the chicks your favorite online partners. There’s a lot more to IndianSpyVideos than what meets the eye, and the purpose of this review is to brief you about these features that make IndianSpyVideos such a great site to subscribe to. We are confident that you will end up hitting the subscribe or join for instant access button and become a subscriber for life.

Site Features

IndianSpyVideos features a very contemporary design for its site. There aren’t too many flashy colours to distract you from enjoying the most important thing, the sexy Indian sluts. The entire focus of the design revolves around the chicks, their kinky sexual acts and the hidden cams capturing their intimate as well as vulnerable moments.

The aspects mentioned in the preceding paragraph are very well captured in the large collage that is placed at the top of the homepage. The collage shows stills from about a dozen and a half videos, placed in square blocks. You’ll find sluts sucking cocks, getting fucked, kissing, showing off their exquisite breasts, bathing with their boyfriends and husbands, stripping and masturbating.

There are only three links to take you to various pages on the tour page. Beyond this, to access anything you need to become a member. The links are the Instant Access button, a Members’ Area button and a Submit Your Videos button. IndianSpyVideos doesn’t produce any video, but rather allows users to submit their amazing sex videos shot on their mobiles and camcorders to the site. Such users are also paid money for uploading these videos. And that’s where the fun begins, for you get to watch what happens behind closed doors of these Indian homes.

The tour page itself is divided into various subsections, with each subsection housing about 8 videos. In total, there are 64 videos at your disposal on the tour page. Each thumbnail opens a trailer for you to relish. The trailers run for about a couple of minutes, at the max, while the videos are generally longer. The trailer page features the title of the clip, the date of adding, runtime, categories, and tags. A brief description is seen below the trailer and a dozen of photos from the trailer. Watching the trailer is a treat for your eyes, and you will get to see some of the best and most intimate moments of these chicks’ lives.

Before concluding this section, you will get to know the affordability so that you are aware of what you are about to spend your money on, and whether it really suits your budget or not. Coming from the Yellowplum network, you will notice that IndianSpyVideos follows the same membership plans as the other videos in the network. With a monthly, quarterly and annual plan available for you, you can choose the one that suits your budget. However, it is good to understand that the annual plan gives you a significant discount over the other plans. So, the ball’s in your court now, and you must decide what to do.

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Site Girls

You are now aware of the kind of videos that IndianSpyVideos provides you, thanks to its wonderfully designed site. The thumbnails give you an idea of the kind of sluts who show their sexual prowess. The collection of videos is huge and covers solo masturbation, lesbian kissing, and sex, fucking in hotel rooms, bedrooms, on honeymoon nights, first nights, and others, bathing and stripping. At least count, the number of videos would run to about a couple of thousands, and even one lifetime wouldn’t be sufficient for you to exhaust all the videos presented to you. Though the videos are homemade and captured on their cameras and mobile phones, the quality has not been compromised. This is one area where IndianSpyVideos has ensured that it provided the best to you.

These chicks are amazing when naked. Their soft silky and tanned skin can give you a hard-on instantly, especially when they are naked. You will only want to fondle their breasts and tweak and twist their nipples because the nipples are unlike what you have seen. Dark and giving the breasts a contrasting effect, any man would want to suck the nipples hard. The waists are curvy, adding to her sex appeal, while the pussies are bushy, trimmed or clean-shaved. The pink cunts are forever tight, and whatever amount of fucking you do, they manage to maintain their pussy as tight as ever. Asses are amazing, with a tight asshole.

I loved the exquisite lesbian kissing scene presented here. Two cute friends engage in a passionate kiss while one of them records their kiss on her mobile. The kissing is so passionate, you wished that you were kissing one of them. The kissing leads to one of the chicks kissing and stimulating her girlfriend’s nipples, while both are almost naked waist downwards.

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So, are you interested in fucking an Indian chick? If so, then head to IndianSpyVideos and watch beautiful, sexy and kinky Indian chicks showing you the stuff they are made of. With IndianSpyVideos, you will get the necessary environment to jerk-off to glory. Since the videos are homemade, you will get to enjoy these sluts in the most natural settings, and this adds to the sex appeal of this site. When this site comes at a very reasonable subscription fee, why should you miss out on all the fun? Subscribe now!

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